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Tech Lead to Soundation

Soundation — make music without limits

Soundation is the leading browser-based music studio and has more than 150 thousand monthly active users.

We are now looking to hire a Tech Lead to help us deliver on our product vision. If you’re passionate about music, loves to solve problems and hard-working, Soundation is an ideal place to get ahead.

Tech Lead to innovative team at Soundation

Music creation is next in line to transform the music industry

It has never been easier for producers, songwriters, and artists to distribute and market their music, thanks to the development within online music tech the last ten years. And as browsers’ performance closes in on the desktop app experience, online music creating tools are about to take a big leap. How we create and produce music is next in line to transform the industry with improved accessibility, shareability, and real-time collaboration opportunities.

We are now growing our development team in Stockholm and are looking for talented individuals to join us on our mission.

Who you are:

  • You know and care about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery, defensive programming and automated testing
  • Have working knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js
  • Have working knowledge of SQL including performance considerations
  • Familiarity with Docker, git and CI/CD environments
  • You are passionate about what you do and have a high interest in keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise. You share your ideas and continuously improve yourself and the team
  • You’re excited about delivering end-to-end experiences and care about your software architecture across the backend, front-end and the APIs that glue them together
  • You want to work in an open and transparent team

What you’ll do:

  • Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team that helps deliver a great experience to all of our users around the world
  • Design, develop and deploy services with focus on high availability, low latency and scalability
  • Work closely with the CTO and product management and be a part of the overall direction of the product and technology
  • Learn new and develop existing skills in order to continuously improve design and architecture of the platform
  • Use the latest web technologies to provide an unmatched DAW experience in a browser environment
  • Give and receive constructive feedback between other developers to ensure we learn as a team

Bonus points:

  • Working knowledge of any of C/C++ or Ruby on Rails 
  • Working knowledge of React or similar
  • Curious about or have experimented with WebAssembly and Emscripten
  • Curious about or have experimented with Web Audio API
  • Production-level experience with AWS
  • Working knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • You produce music or use a DAW (as a hobby or professional), or are curious about it

What do we offer?

  • Work with music in your day-to-day job!
  • Flexible work hours
  • Be creative and develop your own role
  • A fixed monthly salary plus options program
  • 30 days vacation
  • ITP 1 Pension plan
  • Gym membership (e.g. SATS)


We have our office at Götgatan in Stockholm.


Send your resume and cover letter in as soon as possible to

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Collab Live

Music collaborations are taking over the charts with about 50% of the tracks on the top lists being artist and/or producer collaborations. We are currently building real-time collaboration which will enable anyone to make music with anyone around the world.

  • See what your friends are doing as they do it.
  • No compatibility issues – it just works.
  • Live streams and webinars
  • Enable influencers and artist to engage with fans.

High performance engine

Soundation’s development team has worked closely with Google’s WebAssembly and WebAudio teams, to build one of the most powerful web apps out there and increased the performance with 320%. We have started on the journey to of closing the gap towards professional music production tools.

Professional plugins from Propellerhead

During fall/winter of 2019 we’ve built the world’s first online host for Rack Extensions, the plugin format developed by Propellerheads which will enable professional plugin in an online studio. The first plugin will be Europa, but the have more than 500 plugins that are next in line.