A message to our community


Hi Soundation users,

Ten years ago, Soundation 1.0 was launched. Since then, we’ve become one of the world’s most influential online tools for making music. Today, roughly 100,000 devoted and skilled users from more than 200 countries create our incredible community. This global network demonstrates the massive potential of Soundation.

We have worked hard to keep most of our features free. Now we ’ve come to a point where we need to repackage and improve our plans in order to continue improving our studio.

A year ago we defined an updated vision for Soundation to be the most powerful and professional online DAW in the world.

In 2018 we worked to achieve this goal by:

  • Doubling our team to 12 people who work hard each day to deliver on our promise.
  • Launching a new studio in collaboration with Google (see the video from Google’s Chrome Dev Summit in November).
  • Updating our brand and the design of our site and studio.
  • Forming partnerships with record labels including  BMG and Sony Music, as well as other music tech companies, to help us on our journey.

During 2018 we also laid the foundation for the new and updated Soundation, and in 2019 we’ll improve our studio and service with great new features. We hope you’ll join us in making that vision a reality.

We love the feedback we get from all of you, and we thoroughly take it into account as we map out our future plans. Please send us an email if you have ideas on what features we should focus on in order to improve our Premium plans.

Stay tuned too. More cool stuff is on the horizon.

Best regards,
CEO of Soundation

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