One Year of Interconnected Production

This time last year we launched the ability to collaborate in real-time on Soundation. Now, 12 months later, tens of thousands of musicians have embraced the new way of making music – one where geographical boundaries are virtually nonexistent.

Here’s what happened when musicians across genres and timezones came together online. 

Music scene is booming.

2,561,442 hours combined have been spent in the studio since Collab Live was released. That’s the same amount of time people spent watching one of the top music channels on Twitch last year.

Anyone is a co-creator.

Almost one in ten projects on Soundation is a collaboration. The internet has become so ingrained in our music consumption and production habits that now, anyone with a browser can become a co-creator.

We reach every corner of the world.

Producers from 175 countries use Soundation to stay connected and collaborate remotely. Of all 45,277 projects created over the past year, the most common type of project is one with two members. Duos rule!

Creativity knows no bounds.

We enabled creative exchange and networking across national borders. 18,399 kilometers is the longest distance between collaborators ever recorded in Soundation. They were located in the UK and New Zealand. That’s approximately 20 hours of flight time.

You found your creative soulmates.

With 855 members, our Discord server has grown to be an eclectic collective of like-minded music makers looking to explore the new frontier of cloud collaboration.

A clearer focus.

A more open, diverse, and cross-platform collaboration is here to stay. Since April of 2020, we’ve shipped as many improvements as we could to make collaborating simple to use. For example, we changed how to upload audio so it’s easier to drop files straight from your DAW of choice. And we’re not done yet. We’re going to put these learnings into practice with a renewed focus on making Soundation a collaborative hub for professionals and hobby producers alike.

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