Watch: A Roundup of Videos from the Creator Community

The thing about an online music studio like Soundation is that it defies categorization. Being both a DAW and a collaboration tool, it opens to anyone and belongs to everyone. This low-barrier to entry makes Soundation home to a diverse community of creators offering an eclectic range of music and more.

We’ve rounded up some of the YouTube videos that show just how creative and wide-ranging the interests of Soundation creators are. From instrument demos to collab playarounds, here are eight videos that highlight the global Soundation community.

Starve Marve Covers The Fundamentals While Cooking Up Afrobeat

Talented musician Starve Marve shows off his technical wizardry as he guides you through the basics of music production. Using afrobeat rhythms as his template, he covers everything from the basics of music theory, tips on getting started with MIDI instruments, down to how to switch genres. (Hats off for that EDM switch!). His encyclopedic knowledge makes for a comprehensive walkthrough so if you’re new to music production, this video is a much watch.

10 Minute Beat Making Challenge With Yang Jahz

Istanbul-based singer and songwriter Yang Jahz challenges herself to make beats in 10 minutes. The result is pure magic. Using audio samples from the library and instruments like VA synth and simple synth, she creates a one-minute snippet that captures her signature lo-fi pop aesthetics. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear it on her EP one day?

Eumonik Explores SPC, SuperSaw and The Wub Machine

There’s nothing like the excitement of trying out a new music making tool. In this video, Eumonik takes a break from reviewing fresh new music gear to try Soundation for the first time. Watch him get his hands on various instruments to cook up hard-hitting drum beats, from SPC, SuperSaw to the wub machine.

Blezz Beats Creates a Global Jam Session

Blezz Beats takes a beat making challenge to the next level using Soundation’s collaborative studio. Every 15 minutes, he shares a new project anyone can jump into and jam with him on in real-time. But here’s the catch: he makes a script that completely randomizes each project’s genre, BPM and key. That means he’s as clueless as everyone else what music to make. Watch 10 producers from six countries try to keep up with genres being thrown at them – from house to dubstep, EDM and trap.

HEX Nails 808 With VA Synth

There are many ways to get those iconic thumps of 808 on Soundation. You can use the SPC’s Trap Kit, the VA synth’s 808 Bass preset, or you can go the extra mile and make it from scratch, like HEX. In this very LOL-able video, he gives away the right order of effects to achieve “the big thicc fat huge distorted bass that will shake you” as he so rightly puts it. All memes aside, HEX knows what he’s doing. Don’t miss his remake of Jack Harlow’s “Whats Poppin” and Juice Wrld’s “Robbery” using his customized 808 bass at the end.

KIINREZ Shares a Recipe For Mellow Lockdown Music

In just 10 channels, KIINREZ lays down soothing, rainy-day beats perfect for looped anime GIFs. With an obligatory minor chord progression, nostalgic arpeggios, mellow piano lead and a reverb tail of raindrops, the hazy 15-bar soundscape has all the ingredients you need to make calming mood music to quarantine to.

SLOCM3Z Takes a Deep Dive Into FM Synthesis

Nothing flexes your music muscle quite like learning to use the FM synth. In this tutorial, SLOCM3Z guides you through the basics of FM synthesis and shows you exactly what kind of complex sonic textures the synth is capable of. Demoing what each algorithm does and what each parameter is for, he explores the synth in all its algorithmic glory. Those surreal timbres are worth the effort.

Nergy Demos the Electronica Starter Kit

This one is for the Frenchies. Nergy shows how to get started fast on Soundation with pre-matched audio loops. Using the electronica starter kit, he takes a few minutes to come up with what could be an opening track to an electro-cyberpunk mix.

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