Revamping the Studio Round 3: Bottom Panel

More often than not, most of your time in the studio is spent perfecting effects chains to achieve the sonic outcome you’re looking for. Being able to see all the effects at once and to quickly access the controls like in a real-world version of the studio rack model can make a big difference.

After introducing the sidebar and improving regions earlier this year, we’re ready to reveal the third round of updates to the studio: an effect panel.

Take Control of Your Effect Rack

We often hear that the vertical effects display makes it hard to get an overview of your effect rack. For this round of feature boost, we’ve not only taken your feedback on board, but also taken it a step further by introducing a completely new workflow.

Instead of showing effect modules on a popup modal, a panel will now appear at the bottom when you click to add a channel. The panel displays empty slots where you can insert effects and tweak the parameters right inside. Effects are arranged horizontally. The effect on the right is applied last, and thus affects every effect that precedes it.

This new panel lets you see the whole picture at a glance, making it easy to experiment with different combinations and discover unique sounds. To view all effects for the selected channel, scroll either horizontally or vertically. To rearrange the order of the effects chain, just click and drag effects left or right.

You can collapse the panel by clicking on the arrow icon on the right. The instrument and number of effects applied to the channel will remain on display. To reopen the panel, just click on the arrow again or double-click on any channel.

Hear It As You See It

The effect rack is made to be flexible, ideal for in-the-moment experimentation. You can now dive into hundreds of our carefully-crafted presets and quickly try out new ideas by switching presets right in the panel.

Not having to open a popup modal one-by-one to make adjustments means you can bypass any effect faster. You can also bulk select effects and bulk move selected effects by holding shift.

To delete, just click to activate effects before hitting the backspace key or simply right-click to open up a menu.

Quick Automation Access

Changing the character of your sound requires more than just effects. You need automation. With the new panel, your effect rack is now a dynamic part of automation. To indicate which parameter is automated, a blue light now appears next to the parameter.

You can also right-click on any parameter to add, edit, or remove automation. This shortcut makes it easy to quickly add movement to your sound without having to click through all available parameters.

Sneak Preview

As you might have noticed, an instrument slot now appears in the panel next to an effect slot as well. This additional feature lets you switch presets without opening the instrument modules – perfect if you just want to get inspired. Could this be a hint of things to come? Maybe.

We’ve put a great deal of effort into making Soundation fun to use. As you finish reading this article, we’re already hard at work planning for new improvements. You’re always welcome to reach us at or at our official Discord channel to share your feedback!

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