Halloween Jam Scene Report

Soundation is no stranger to pushing the limits of music making. So when October came around and a John Carpenter cover popped up in our newsfeed, we took the opportunity to partner with Reason Studios and Splice to launch the first event of its kind for Halloween.

Offering 7 days of free access to Soundation’s online studio, Halloween Jam invited the music community to rethink the way we collaborate. Aiming to dissolve the barriers that stand in the way of creative partnership, Soundation allows unlimited number of producers to work on the same project at the same time – something digital audio workstations from the offline world are not capable of.

Here, we take a look back at some of the most remarkable numbers to come out of last week.


collaborations in 7 days. That’s 14 projects per hour.


participant countries.


people joined the largest project.


participants were from America alone, making


the country with the most participants, followed by Denmark, Russia, Canada and England.

And of course, it’s not Halloween without evil spirits lurking in the studio ready to wipe out everything in their path. Let’s take a listen to some tracks that survived the ordeal and made it out alive.

Thanks everyone for joining us from all over the world!

Check this article out to learn more about how to use Soundation to collaborate with anyone in real-time.

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