Revamping the Studio Round 2: Channels and Cursors

We recently released the new tooltips and sidebar that lets you more easily access all the essential tools. Today, we’re excited to announce the second round of updates to the studio: auto-generated channels and responsive cursors.

Keep Your Flow Going With Auto-Generated Channels

Ideas flow faster when you’re in the groove. To make it easier for you to get the rhythm going, a track is now automatically generated when you drop a sample from the sound library into the arrangement view.

Rather than having to pause and manually create an audio or instrument channel for your loop every time, you can just follow the sounds and simply watch as everything, quite literally, falls into place.

Auto-generated channels minimize manual work and help keep the momentum going when inspiration hits. No more speed bumps to disrupt the flow when you just want to layer sounds.

Prefer the old school way? No problem. You can just right-click in the arrangement view and click to add channels from there as well. 

Responsive Cursors: More context, Less Guesswork.

“Tweak your loops,” they say. “Make them your own,” they say. Well, here’s how we made doing so easier.

With responsive cursors, it’s clearer how to interact with regions. That means when tools such as a pen or a scissor is selected, a custom cursor is displayed to give you better visual cues.

A line indication on regions is also more visible, letting you chop up and rearrange clips more easily.

Additionally, you can now hover over the upper part of regions to loop, or the bottom part to expand. These two handy tools are no longer restricted to only while hovering over the region corners.

We hope this second round of improvements helps you stay in the creative groove and clears the way for an even smoother workflow! What do you think about the updates? Feel free to email us with feedback and questions at

See you next time!

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