New Instrument Presets

Having the right palette to work from is crucial when creating a masterpiece. In music production, the presets and sounds you have access to are your colors. To make the sound selection a better experience, we have cleaned up and added new presets to the Simple Synth, Mono Synth, SuperSaw, Noiser, Wub Machine, SPC, VA Synth, and FM Synth. 

Here are some examples of the many new presets, with some tips and tricks on how to use them. Test all the other sounds out for yourself in the studio!

Simple Synth

The Simple Synth is the all-rounder of the bunch, capable of making a wide variety of sounds. 

Cosmic Pad Preset: A pad is like a carpet that everything else can sit on top of while adding fullness to the sound. Play this with sustained chords, and enjoy the thickness. 

Power Lead Preset: The special thing about this lead is the added 5th, making it a power chord that’s commonly used by guitar players. 

String Machine Preset: Inspired by vintage string machines like the Solina, this sound is great for high, sustained notes to add shine and brightness. Add some modulation with a phaser.

Mono Synth

The Mono Synth is monophonic, meaning it can only play one note at a time. This type of synthesizer lends itself well to create basslines and lead melodies. 

Acid Bass Preset: The staple sound of Acid House, providing the deep squelching basslines originating from the TB-303. 


The SuperSaw stacks multiple saw waves that can be detuned from each other to sound fatter and wider. 

Future Pad Preset: A supersaw pad perfect for future bass. Play it with 7th chords and maybe add an automated filter to get the right vibe. 


The Noiser produces white noise, which you can use to make sound effects or percussion hits.

Drop Preset: A noise drop at the beginning of a chorus is a trustworthy trick to make it more energetic. Add reverb, phaser, and automate a filter to make it more colorful. 

The Wub Machine

The Wub Machine is made for dubstep wubs, but there is so much more you can get out of it. This monophonic synthesizer has an aggressive tone that lends itself well to dirty bass and leads. 

Murk Bass Preset: A powerful bass for dark pop, R&B, and hip hop. Adjust the depth to make it more or less impactful. 

Fifth Element Preset: A stab lead perfect for hyped-up pop and EDM. The oscillators are tuned to an interval of a 5th to mimic a power chord. Add some distortion to bring out the grittiness of the sound. 

Electro Bass Preset: Made for fast chugging electro bass patterns. Because of the sub-oscillator, it doesn’t matter what octave you play it in, it will always sound like a bass. Changing the octave will change the tone, however. Add some distortion to make it even more aggressive. 


The SPC is based on the MPC by Akai, a drum sampler from the late ‘80s that became massively influential in hip hop and electronic music. We have now loaded it with some fresh new samples in different genres. 

Trap Kit: This hip hop influenced style is one of the most popular genres of the moment. Trap’s heavily processed drum sounds hail from the TR-808 drum machine, and these types of sounds are seeping into almost every modern production. 

Lo-Fi Kit: The mix of boom-bap and jazz has proven to be a winning concept. These sounds are sampled from real drum recordings and processed to have a low fidelity character similar to tape or vinyl. 

EDM Kit: Electronic dance music covers a lot of genres, from house to dubstep to future bass. Including everything necessary to make hyped-up bangers, this kit will get all DJs of all genres excited. 

Synthwave Kit: A genre influenced by the film, TV, and video game soundtracks from the ‘80s. The sounds are from vintage drum machines like the LM-1, DMX, and SP-12. Processed through gated reverbs, they become huge but remain tight and punchy. 

VA Synth

VA stands for “virtual analog,” and analog synths are known for their organic and warm tone. These sounds shine in both retro and modern productions.

Theremin Preset: Mimics the electronic instrument of the same name that’s played without even touching it. With its eerie, gliding vocal quality, it makes sense that the theremin has been used in a lot of horror soundtracks. Add reverb to make it more atmospheric. 

Humana Preset: Inspired by a patch called “Vox Humana” on the Polymoog that can be heard on the 1979 song “Cars” by Gary Numan. A lively and constantly morphing sound with a retro vibe. 

Maus Pluck Preset: Inspired by Deadmau5’s signature synth sound. Automate the cutoff to add movement and life to the arrangement.

FM Synth

The FM Synth is emulating the DX7, which debuted in 1983 and was the first successful digital synth. FM stands for “frequency modulation,” which is a way to create complex sound waves. 

808 Bass Preset: Originally coming from the kick on the TR-808 drum machine, the 808 bass has now become a staple in trap, R&B, and even pop. Add some distortion to bring out the character. 

Dream Keys + Dark Keys Presets: The DX7 is known for its glossy keys and electric pianos. The only problem is that they’re in mono, meaning they don’t have any width. If you like the sound but want more of a stereo spread, you can copy the channel, find a similar sound, and pan them left and right. 

Electric Drums Preset: Inspired by the classic Simmons synth drums from the 80s, this preset is great for getting tonal toms in any pitch. Add some reverb and compression for even more ‘80s vibes. 

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