New Effect Presets

With their ability to transform sounds to be more exciting, aggressive, clean, lo-fi, or atmospheric, effects can make or break a track. Presets will change all effect settings with just one click, so you can quickly test different styles and create a great starting point. 

Soundation is happy to announce a variety of new additions that will enable you to make even more exciting sounds! Below are a few examples of how they sound. And be sure to check out the studio, because there are even more for you to explore there.


Reverb simulates how sound bounces around in environments, creating a tail after the sound. It’s used to add a sense of space and ambiance. 

Ambient Preset: Turns any sound into an ambient soundscape. 

Room Present: Places your sound in a medium-sized room and gives it some ambiance. 

Bathroom at a Party Preset: Makes it sound like your music is getting played at a party while you’re in the bathroom, just like the meme format.


The delay adds echoes to the sound by repeating it with a delay in-between. Much like the reverb, it creates a sense of space but it can also be rhythmic. 

Stereoizer Preset: Widens mono sounds by using the Haas effect, a small delay between the right and left. 

Flutter Preset: Mimics a type of reverb where a sound bounces rapidly between two parallel walls. 

Echo Wash Preset: Turns everything into a wash of echoes.


The degrader reduces the digital sound quality to make it sound more lo-fi. With it you can get the sound of an 8-bit gaming console or an old school sampler. 

Tape Hiss Preset: Adds subtle distortion and noise similar to a cassette tape.

Digital Distortion Preset: Distorts and crunches the sound up.

Dirty Preset: Makes the sound really filthy with plenty of distortion and noise. 


The phaser modulates the waveform, which creates a sweeping effect when played together with the dry signal. 

Swirly Preset: Swirls the sound around in a mellow, psychedelic way. Works great with keys, guitar, and pads. 

Bubbles Preset: Adds a bubbly quality to your sound. 

Tape Flutter Preset: Mimics the pitch flutter of a tape machine. For a slower wobble, check out the Tape Wow preset. 


A compressor makes the loud parts quieter and quiet parts louder to make the sound more consistent and energetic. 

Extreme Punch Preset: Adds attack and energy. Works great for acoustic drums.

Flat Pancake Preset: Flattens the dynamics and makes everything an even volume.

Soft Squeeze Preset: Compresses the sound in a subtle way. It can be used to glue things together, or just to control a single sound.

Parametric EQ

A parametric EQ is used for detailed tone shaping. You can boost and cut the bass, treble, or any other specific frequency. 

Resonator A Preset: Boosts certain frequencies to bring out the tonal quality of note A. You can, for example, use these to make percussion instruments more melodic. There are different resonators for multiple notes. 

Bass Cut Preset: Cleans up the mix if you add it to every l sound but the kick and bass. Adjust the frequency to cut more or less bass. 

Only Treble Preset: Isolates the treble. A good way to extract the hi-hat and cymbals of a drum loop. 


Fakie fakes what is known as sidechain, a trick to make a sound duck when the kick hits. It’s typically used to make the track pump up and down to the rhythm of the song. 

Swell Preset: Creates a swelling of the sound from the beginning of every quarter beat. 

Kill Switch Preset: Turns the sound off and on for a syncopated feel. This can work great on a bass paired with a four-on-the-floor kick.

Attack Preset: Adds attack to the sound every quarter beat. 


A tremolo modulates the volume up, down, left, and right to create movement.

Mono Tremolo Preset: Modulates the volume rapidly. 

Stereo Tremolo Preset: Modulates the stereo position rapidly. 

Tape Wear Preset: Mimics the volume fluctuations of a degraded cassette tape.

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