Soundation x Twitch Live Stream

Last month, we’ve launched Soundation’s official Twitch Channel as a home base for all things online music production. Whether from our own in-house producers or fellow users who wanted to share their experiences with the community, our live streams at are the perfect way for you to see how the pros do it and boost your music skills.

Fast Forward

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 1 July 2020, we’re bringing you the first episode of the “Fast Forward” session where we’ll live stream a quick walkthrough of basic music-making — covering one topic at a time.

Join I Awake and LESS tomorrow to discover:

  • Four essential ingredients to complete a track
  • A simple song arrangement

As with last time, both artists will jam remotely using Collab Live.

Meet the Artists

I Awake

I Awake is a neo ambient producer, composer and DJ. With five albums released and multiple appearances in international festivals and clubs, he is known for his lush “electroorganic” soundscapes and tribal rhythms. Combining digital, analog, and acoustic sounds with live-recorded material, I Awake describes his music as “soundtracks for the urban Jedi and the modern knight”.


LESS aka Emil is a Swedish underground producer who is no stranger to Stockholm’s nightlife. With a catalog of unreleased tracks, Emil has DJ’d across Sweden and is soon debuting an album together with I Awake. His music is, in his own words, “somewhere between techno, electronica and house.”

We hope to see you tomorrow on Twitch!

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