Revamping the Studio Round 1: Sidebar and Tooltips

Your Soundation studio is much more than just another tab in a browser. It’s your world: your main stage, your jam space, the playground to be creative and play with new ideas. Thus, the better you can access tools, the better you’ll be at bringing your music to life.

That’s why we’re presenting a new era of Soundation studio where a more open workspace lets your music take center stage.

Starting today and in the coming weeks, you’ll begin to see enhancements to the studio that give you a faster way to navigate, understand and utilize the various options available to transform the sounds right where you need them, with zero friction. 

For the first round of improvements, meet the new sidebar and tooltips.

Sidebar: Quickly Find Everything You Need

Did you know that the menu bar — that “File/Edit/Help” bar anchored at the top of the screen — was invented in 1983? Nineteen-eighty-three. While it did serve its purpose, we’ve learned from your feedback that using a standard text menu for creative tools can be a creativity blocker. 

So from now on instead of the menu bar, you’ll be able to reach all the tools from an icon palette on the right side of the studio. With the palette displaying important functionality in full view, you can take action more easily, from finding projects and exporting audio to publishing tracks.

With these changes come a host of upgrades.

  • You can right-click in the arrangement view to directly import audio files from your computer. It’s the simplest and fastest way to remix your favorite songs.
  • Today is a good day for music hoarders. You can now search for a project by name!

Tooltips: Learn Everything You Need to Know

Soundation is the first studio of choice for many budding creators, and we understand the challenges that come with learning a new skill. To give you a fast-track guide to understanding your workspace, we’d like to introduce you to responsive tooltips.

Just hover above anything in the workstation and you’ll see a short explanation and action point at the bottom of the studio. Think of them as user manuals, but squeezed into 100 characters. 

Transport Bar: Keep Everything in One Place

The transport bar has been moved up to the top, closer to all the tools you need to edit clips. On top of allowing for more space in the sequencer, this new layout also makes the Add Channels button much more visible. 

Things may look a little different, but you can still use it in the same ways you always have.

….with one cool addition! You can now tap along with the beat to find the beats-per-minute (BPM) for your song! Simply tap your touchpad to the rhythm, and this handy Tap BPM tool will calculate a tempo for you right then and there.

Next Release

Let’s just say we moved the transport bar to the top for a reason. That’s all we can share for now. 

As always, after this release is out, we will continue to listen to the community and work on many other functionalities that will further improve the studio. Feel free to drop us a message at if you have any feedback to share!

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