Multiplayer Tactics: Strategy Guide to Collab Live

A music studio is no battlefield, but when there’s more than one person involved in making a beat, a solid team strategy is crucial to the mission. Whether you opt for clear-cut operations or just want a good old co-op fun, the right game plan could pave the way towards a successful collaboration and a hit you wouldn’t have achieved without buddies by your side.

Whatever your mission and collaboration style, you can achieve anything with your teammates using Soundation’s Collab Live.

Let’s take a look at some of the first collaborations to emerge from the community and tactics behind each of them. Here we present you five multiplayer strategies you can take as inspirations to fuel your own collaboration!

Close Quarters

Track: “White Roses”
Genre: Trap
No. of players: 7
Players: King Pudi, Lil Hoodi, Red Beatz, Lil-Beatz, Bonzai, Icy_Hot, QL-Sound Labs

Player 1 Leader
Player 2 Leader
Player 3 Beatmaker
Player 4 Beatmaker
Player 5 Beatmaker
Player 6 Support
Player 7 Support

Originally hatched as a two-way collaboration, “White Roses” expanded into an epic collaboration where seven users converged to make this infectious piece of trap a reality. With great ambition, however, comes great responsibility. A solid plan, strong leaders, and clear-cut operations are key parts of the team’s close-quarter strategy.

Soundation: So, how did this epic collaboration come about?

King Pudi: The track was originally a collaboration between me and Lil Hoodi. But we couldn’t get the tempos and beats to blend well, so we started inviting some of our best friends to the project. I was the one getting everyone on board and putting each of them in charge of different tasks.

I put Icy_Hot and QL-Sound Labs, for example, in charge of tweaking things like lining up the drums, finding the perfect time signature, and getting the effects and volume to sound perfect.

Red Beatz and Lil-Beatz: We both focus on the beats, like fine-tuning the tempo and getting the beats to flow smoothly.

Bonzai: My role in ‘White Roses’ was the drums, automation, and some instrument tweaks. With Collab Live’s fast and responsive studio, everyone was able to see all changes made in a snap, which helped tremendously.

Tip: To organize a workflow, change the track’s color so everyone have their own color and know where to work on. 🌈

Lil Hoodi: My role was to manage the project and get people to join, making sure we come out with the best possible collaboration. And honestly I think this is one of the best tracks we did!

Turn-Based Attack

Nothing beats having a secret weapon to make a good drop — except when you also have a friend who has their own secret weapon, so you can blast twice as many drops at once. Brutal and aggressive, “ID” is born out of two people’s penchant for heavy dubstep as they take turns experimenting with extreme sounds.

Track: “ID”
Genre: Dubstep
No. of players: 2
Players: Nukt, MiSix

Player 1: Blaster
Player 2: Blaster

Soundation: Tell us a bit about these brutal dubstep drops?

Nukt: I usually start with a drop, because then you know the general vibes and what your track is going to lead up to. For this track, I added some dubstep samples, a buildup, and a bassline to a WIP I had with me.

MiSix joined and added more samples of his own. He made a sick second drop and helped edit the first part. 

After that, we decided more is more so I made a new section based on his contribution, as well as adding one more drop – a variation of the ones before.

We put it up on Soundation’s Discord over the course of two weeks. In the end, this track is not just MiSix and me because we got feedback from other people along the way.

● Have a plan. Know the genre, length, tempo, and general vibes you want to accomplish.
● Pick a key and stick with it. A key is a certain set of notes that all fit together. 🗝
● Give your collaborator a heads up if you want to diverge from the plan. You want to know what you’ll be working with when getting back in the studio.


Collaborating with a seasoned user lets you earn EXP and level up fast. “Ascendence” sees two users – one old and one new – turn their love of fun, feel-good music into a collaboration which casually turns into a small coaching session.

Track: “Ascendence”
Genre: EDM
Number of players: 2
Players: Noah Millar, Yeet

Player 1 Mentor
Player 2 Mentee

Soundation: What was the collaboration like between you two?

Yeet: I did most of the drums while Noah did a lot of the chords and the melody. I was still learning so I discovered a lot of things I didn’t even know about from Noah, especially sound design.

However, the lead and the second layer of the chords with a Rhodes piano are my contributions. We had a lot of fun making the song and we’re more than happy with the track!

One Shot, Two Kills

Just because you are a collaborator doesn’t mean you can’t take it to another level once the project is done. “Control” is a three-way collaboration project that spawns two more remixes — all made by the original members themselves. Talking about killing two birds with one stone.

Track: “Control”
Genre: Trap
Number of players: 3
Players: Ocolix, Arbor, Katze

Player 1: Creator
Player 2: Double striker
Player 3: Double striker

Soundation: How did the remixes happen?

Ocolix: I was making some melodies when Katze hopped on. Then, we went on to make drums and nonsense. Arbor joined later on and completed the whole thing. In this collaboration, I felt that the tasks were evenly divided. One person didn’t take over the whole project. The track came out definitely better than it would have if one person did it.

Arbor: For this remix, I added a new beat pattern and refined the 808 bass based on the original collaboration that Ocolix and Katze started.

Katze: As for me, I didn’t want the bassline to get too repetitive so my version of the song includes a different bassline.

Tip: Evenly distributed task empowers all collaborators to take ownership of the project. 🏈


From a simple project left open to the public to a full-on sci-fi soundtrack, “Space Journey” literally takes on a life of its own. Hijacked by one well-intentioned user, it evolves into a three-minute track with the help of two friends — forming a special squad for this space mission.

Track: “Space Journey”
Genre: Synthwave
Number of players: 4
Players: Anonymous, Chordsboy, Katze, Key Lime

Player 1: Originator
Player 2: Hijacker
Player 3: Ally
Player 4: Ally

Soundation: What’s the story behind this collaboration?

Chordsboy: I started the collaboration unintentionally by hijacking an existing open project made by a complete stranger. There were only loops and nothing else, so I decided to put that to the side by muting it and completely change the track. I wanted to demonstrate to whoever started the project that it was possible to add an original melody to the song.

I worked on the very beginning of the track up until 28 seconds. After I did my part I just left it at that. It was Katze and Keylime who filled in the rest with some cool stuff. I honestly didn’t expect it to grow into a three-way collaboration!

Katze: Chordsboy laid the foundation down for the song, making the original piano chord progression, the first arp in the track, and some of the drum patterns. I basically made the slightly more downtempo outro by myself.

When I made the lead and the bridge where the third chord in the progression changes key, he commented that it wasn’t executed well, so I asked Key Lime to join the project hoping he could help. Key Lime then added the thudding bassline and most of the drum transitions which really amped up the song.

Key Lime: I was invited later in the collaboration to check if I had anything to contribute, so I added a little variation, new instruments, and sound effects to fancy things up.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to open your project to new ears and new ideas. 💡

In the end, choosing the right tactic depends on knowing what you want to achieve. Whether you plan to jump in with a single friend or putting together a squad of ten, try out Collab Live now and see where your teammates’ creativity takes you! Learn how to create your own collaboration project here.

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