Collab Live: The Ultimate Real-Time Multiplayer Experience


Introducing a studio that lets you make music online in multiplayer mode and collaborate with anyone in real-time.

Making music has always been a joint effort. Whether you’re holing up in your bedroom pumping out beats or messing around with friends in school (Remember when going out was a thing?), we always ask ourselves the question, “What would others do?”

Or remember when you listened to your music so many times that your ears went numb you needed a pair of fresh ears to tell you what was missing? When you needed a helping hand to get you out of a creative block? Making music, truly, is a collaborative effort.

…as long as your Dropbox storage allows and your friends are sober enough to check their inbox every day, that is.

Collab Live will change that.

Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of an exciting new feature to Soundation’s online studio — Collab Live. Collab Live lets you produce music with your collaborators in real-time on the same project, wherever they are in the world. It’s basically Google Docs, but for music production.

Hello World

With Collab Live, you can invite anyone in the world to your project. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and your trusted music friends’ usernames or email addresses.

Whether you want to share the project with the world or keep it a top-secret, sharing settings allow you to configure permissions the way you like.

There are no limits on how many people can be in one project. So If you’re up for a wild rockstar-style studio session or simply want to get your distance learning students’ much-needed attention — this is it.

Putting the Real Back in Real-Time

Just as a sync button in DJing is a dirty word, we believe having to constantly click sync while collaborating takes away the spontaneous nature of music-making. That’s why with Collab Live, every move you make is auto-saved and 100% synced in real-time.

Collab Live also lets you share imported or recorded audio in an instant, letting your collaborators hear the track the way you hear it.

See It in Action

It’s not a joint effort if you can’t see what your collaborators are up to. Collab Live allows you to see other co-creators’ cursors and every action they make in the studio, as they make it.

That means, on top of seeing who’s currently online, you’ll be able to see your collaborators’ input as if they’re sitting at the same computer – even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. So now, you never have to wonder who added all those cowbells…

Dream Team Assemble

Long gone are the days of WIPs flying back and forth, and the collaboration dragging on and on with no end in sight. Soundation’s Collab Live is the most efficient collaborative studio available online and the best tool whether you want to work simultaneously or in different sessions with your friends.

Team up with your crew and take this exciting new way of making music for a spin. Collab Live is now available in a beta version for all users. Find out how to get started via this Learn article here.

If you’re wondering where to find collaborators to work with, fear not. Soundation’s official Discord server is the best place to look for your future collaborators. As always, don’t forget to drop your collab tracks on this group in the Community for a chance to get featured.

Happy collaborating!

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