What’s New in the Studio

We know you’re busy making music and working to get the best beats you can. Therefore, we work incessantly to make sure Soundation gets better at helping you reach your music goals. Find out the latest improvements to the studio based on your ideas and feedback!

Bolder and Brighter

  • To have a more distinct overview of your project, the waveform color is now improved for better contrast. The color for recordings and default audio regions are also changed for consistency.
  • Instead of displaying an outline when selecting a region, it’s now highlighted so that it’s easier for you to get back to what you are originally working on.

Simpler Note Editing

  • You can now hear the notes when drawing and moving them in an editor. With an audio preview and a visual indication in the keyboard enabled, it’s easier than ever to experiment with chords and melodies.
  • You can now resize┬ánotes when using a pen tool!
  • To make it clearer to see the pattern in an arrangement, the rendered note range is based on visible notes.
  • Auto-scroll is disabled when changing note velocity.

Smarter Transport

  • When stopping, the playhead now goes back to its previous starting position instead of pausing in place. Ctrl+space key can be used to pause instead.

Better Snapping

  • Music-making is all about precision. For this reason, the playhead now snaps to the grid in the arrangement and note clip editor. You can disable this by holding Ctrl while moving the playhead.

The latest version of our studio is now available to all. As always, hit us up at support@soundation.com if you’re interested in giving us feedback!

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