2019 Rewind

We may be a few weeks into 2020 (hello new decade!), but before we brace ourselves for what a new decade in music has to offer, let’s hit rewind and take a look back at all the incredible milestones our community has achieved and exciting new things we have added to Soundation in 2019.

A Year in Numbers

With half a million new users joining in 2019, our community is bigger than ever. If Soundation were a country, the number of new users alone would make us the 166th largest country in the world.

Here are the top five most popular genres based on tracks you published last year:

Take a look at the top five most played songs in 2019:

And of course, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the 2019 highlights.

You Released a Song with Sony Music

In February, we launched a remix competition with Diskopunk and Sony Music Sweden. The winner chosen by Diskopunk had a chance to meet up with the band for a feedback session and landed an official release on their new EP

You Spread the Love

A referral program we launched in March let you invite all your music-loving friends to Soundation and help keep us growing.

You Said Goodbye to Endless Scrolling

In June, we revamped the studio’s sound library so you spent less time scrolling to find perfect sounds and more time finishing your tracks. We also released templates which allowed you to use as starting points for a project and Starter Kits which let you create a song in the comfort of pre-matched sounds.

You Never Stopped Learning

In July, we started a new series of VDO tutorials where we recreated iconic songs and the response was overwhelming. A 3-part Story series where we caught up with music creators to learn about their secrets to success has also inspired many of you to start your own musical journey.

You Gave Us a Tour

You took us behind the scene and taught us how you made a track in How It’s Made blog series we began in August.

You Said Hello to a Powerful Studio

Many improvements were added to the studio so your music-making experience was smoother than ever.

You Got Splice

In December, the world’s number one samples provider Splice found a temporary home inside the studio’s sound library, letting you use their samples, loops and one-shots for free. From synthwave to future pop, a new sound pack is ready to fuel your creativity every week.

As we continue to push online music production forward, we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!


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