How It’s Made: “Mutants” Unique Alias

“How It’s Made” is a blog series where we delve into the creative processes behind some of our favorite songs on Soundation. Here, you can find step-by-step instructions on how each song came to be. Download a free studio project below and follow along!

Download a Free Project for “Mutants”

Song for Cyborg

For the second installment of this series, we give you an inside perspective how Unique Alias made his electro masterpiece “Mutants”. An upbeat take on a futuristic world, “Mutants” is a rapid-fire, cyborg-themed track and a winner of our “Future Perfect” Start from Scratch Challenge. Read on as Unique Alias breaks down the thress main elements that make this song an infectious, robo-industrial jam.

1. Robo-Vocal

“Mutants” proves that you can make good melodies with just about anything. Instead of opting for classic synthesizer-driven sci-fi sounds, Unique Alias manipulated a vocal sample to oblivion. He created an otherworldly melodic pattern for his track solely from a found recording.

“I had listened to this really cool song where the main melody was vocal chops. I wanted to do something similar. The solution to my problem? Soundation’s free loop library.”

“FX_Roboter2_RobotVoice,” a mysterious 20-second German spoken word, was the answer to Unique Alias’s need. He sliced it down to syllables, then reversed and pitch stretched them for a slowed-down effect. From there, he rearranged these vocal bits and pieces, transforming them into a unique, stuttering groove.

He also added a layer of effects like reverb, delay and fakie, as well as a fuzzy wash of distortion, to give them the alien quality he wanted.

2. Simple Beats and Basslines

“Once I got a cool groove from the vocal chops, I made a beat with SPC drum machine and added a bassline. I didn’t really make it in a specific key, just did what sounded right to me.”

With such a standout melody, Unique Alias took a simple approach to the beats, using an EDM Kicks ‘n Snares pack from Soundation’s Sound Shop on the SPC drum machine to fuel his slightly off-kilter beats with bass.

As for a groaning bassline that rides up and down throughout the track, he made it with a Simple Synth. The resulting beat is simple but effective, keeping listeners hooked all the way through.

3. Futurist Ear Candies

To tie everything together, Unique Alias added little bits of ear candy to give “Mutants” even more futuristic thrills. The playful clicks, glitches, and short synth arpeggios he sprinkled around truly evoke a robotic soundscape of the future.

“Even months later, this song is still one of my best, despite the knowledge I’ve picked up since.”

“Mutants” is a cleverly arranged track. It’s also a fun project for anyone who wants to learn how to make a song from scratch. Here’s a quick look at the project:

Download Unique Alias’s best work below, and open it in the studio to see the inner workings of this song for yourself. (Click “File” and “Load .sng file”). Feeling creative? Remix this track and share your work with us in our remix group for your chance to get your track featured!

Note: You’ll need the EDM Kicks ‘n Snares pack from the Sound Shop to use the SPC drum machine in this project.

Download a Free Project for “Mutants”
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