10 Ways to Get More Plays on Soundation

So you’ve spent hours on a song, cooked up the perfect beats and finally dropped a masterpiece, but the song isn’t getting the recognition you think it deserves? Let’s take a look at tactics you can use to rack up more song plays and build a following around your music on Soundation.

Clean Up a Title

Edgy titles are all the rage, but don’t forget that titles are part of your URL, so unreadable cryptic characters can link your song to a dreaded 404 page. To avoid that, make sure your song title doesn’t contain any special characters like “#@!€$.” Furthermore, a title that’s too long can get cut off on a track page, so keep your title to around fifteen characters to keep it clean and reader-friendly.

Tell a Story

A song without a description is like a movie without a trailer. A description is a snapshot of what your music is about and a sneak peek of what listeners can expect. This is your space to let the world know what your inspirations are, how you create the song and what techniques you use. When it comes to talking about your hard work, there’s no such thing as oversharing!

Also, let’s not forget about setting up a genre. Placing your song under one category will help listeners find you. So the next time you publish a track, spare a second and tag it with one genre from the sixty options on our track settings page, and your sounds won’t get washed away once it’s out into the world.

Pictures Talk

Doesn’t matter if it’s a 12-inch vinyl sleeve or a 160×160-pixel thumbnail on a smartphone screen, cover art is a powerful visual representation of your music. It sets the tone, hints at your music and defines your online brand. In other words, it makes you memorable.

A strong cover art, be it a GIF or a portrait, should make people look twice before scrolling past your track. So don’t make a cover art an afterthought. Make a statement, and make it part of your musical journey.

Promote in Groups

Self-promotion often gets a bad rep. Nobody wants to be the “Listen to my track” guy/gal, but we all do want people to listen to our tracks. The key here is to be genuine and make sure you’re bringing something valuable to the table. Don’t just ask people to check out your work. Pass on cool links, talk about your learning journey and let your music back up your hype.

Where can you promote your work on Soundation? Anywhere, really. Say hi in our Newbies group. Post your songs in any of the Share Your Sounds groups that go with your style (#Dubstep, #House, #Urban, the list goes on), and you might get your songs featured. Or share your work in any of the groups our members have created on the Community.

Join Challenges

Challenges are the best place to showcase your skills. Whether you want to make an original song based on a theme or remix a track, joining a competition keeps you in the loop, says you’re in the know and helps you stay relevant. Not to mention, one win could help skyrocket your song plays. (Or even land you a release with Sony!)

If you haven’t already, go check out our Remix Challenge and Start from Scratch Challenge — two main competitions run on our Community every two months.

Share, or It Didn’t Happen

Who says what happens in Soundation stays in Soundation? With our social sharing feature, you can share your song on Facebook to flex your musical talent and turn your friends into fans — while giving everyone a break from memes and cat pictures in the process. 🐱

So hit share, rack up those likes, get those clicks and ultimately receive more plays.

Start a Conversation

You’ve seen YouTubers pinning their own comment to invite discussions and give updates on the video. You can achieve a similar result on Soundation by leaving a comment on your song to spark discussions.

If you’re unsure about your creative choices, ask for feedback. If someone helped you out with the song, give them a shout out. It shows you care about your music and will make people more susceptible to hit play and hear your work.

…And Be a Listener

No one likes one-sided conversations. Once someone gives you a piece of advice, give it back. And if things are getting quiet, it’s time to leave your profile and explore.

There are around 1,000 new songs being dropped on Soundation every day. That’s almost one song per minute — a perfect opportunity to find new music, discover new friends and get discovered. Lending your ears and thoughts to other people’s music in the comment section is an assured way to get on their radar. And once you’re on someone’s radar, it’s more likely they’ll give your music a spin.

Important word of advice: Spamming will not get you anywhere. (We’re looking at you, “Check out my song” comment people!) Instead, spamming on the comment section of other people’s track will put you in their blacklist and your voice will most likely be flagged as just noise.

Join Sound Check

So you’re new to the game. Your song might not get featured (yet!). How do you improve your music production skills while also gaining a bit of exposure?

Share your song in our Sound Check group! We might pick your track to give feedback on and post it in the Community’s feed so others can learn along with you. Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

Be Consistent

It doesn’t matter how good your song is (okay, it does a bit) or how epic the drop you spent hours perfecting is if you haven’t posted a song in six months. Keep in mind that on Soundation, everyone is learning. Even if your song is a work-in-progress, post it! Let everyone know you’re brewing up something cool and get them pumped up for the release. Being consistent says you’re motivated, which will in turn get you more followers and plays.

Hope to catch your songs trending soon!

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