Starter Kits: Your First Stop to Making Music with Loops

Browsing for loops in the Sound Library to build a track yourself can be fun, but for anyone new to music production, sometimes you just want to get a taste of creating your own music fast. We get it. We weren’t kidding when we told you that with our Starter Kits, we do the matching and you do the mixing.

Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of our 800 pre-matched loops.

What Are Starter Kits?

Starter Kits are collections of music loops and samples we handpicked, tweaked and sorted so you can create your own song in the comfort of a library full of pre-matched sounds. Now available for hip-hop, trap, EDM, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep and electronica, all sounds in each kit are set to have the same tempo and key. That means all you have to do is pick a genre and mix the loops however you like to make your own song. No stretching or pitching required.

Where To Find Them

You can reach Starter Kits from the Sound Library on the right hand side of the studio. Click the icon on each kit to hear a demo, and click the kit’s title to access the loops. Filter by instruments if you like. To hear the loop, just click to preview. After that, it’s all up to you. Yea? Drag it in. Nay? Skip it, there are plenty to choose from.


Now, let’s go into the details.

Step 1: Create Audio Channels

We want to make sure anyone can use our kits, so we make sure to include only audio loops. That means in order to use them in your project, you only need to create audio channels. Remember that loop you like? Drag it from the kit into the tracks area to add it to your project. No prior music background required. Pick whatever sounds right for you!

Step 2: Set The Tempo

Make sure to set the tempo of your project to the same tempo as the Starter Kit. You can find the tempo of the kit from the info displayed after the loop’s name. Find out how to change your project’s tempo here, or simply drag the loop into your empty project and it’ll automatically adjust the tempo to the loop. Easy.

Step 3: Find Your Sounds

Get started by picking a drum loop, a bass loop, a chord loop and a melody loop. While there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for song making, these four elements form a basic recipe for a great-sounding project. Use an instrument filter to find drum ‘n’ bass patterns you like. Use keywords like “chord,” “synth,” “lead” and “build” to find dope chord progressions and melodic hooks.

Pro tip: Unless you’re feeling experimental, stick to one genre at a time and avoid trying to mix different genres.

Step 4: Loop Them. 

The point of using loops is that you can…loop them. Repeat the sound patterns you’ve got by expanding the length of the chosen clips, and you’ve got yourself a solid building block for your project.

Pro tip: Make sure to snap your loops onto the grid lines to get the precisely intended timing. You can also experiment with the placement for unique rhythms!

Step 5: Layer, Layer, Layer

On a quest for more unique-sounding tracks? That’s when layering or stacking comes in. Try adding more loops to your base, and you’ll get fuller and denser (and therefore more powerful and interesting), sound. For example, you can create a totally new rhythm by combining two different drum loops. Or sprinkle sound effects on top of melodies for a bit of ear candy.

Step 6: Pimp Them Up

Of course, you can use the loops as they come, fresh out of the kits. Or you can cut, squash, pitch and fry them beyond recognition with effects. Customizing loops is an easy and sure way to really make them your own, and to surprise listeners. Check out a full list of effects here or learn how to use editing tools here.

What’s Next?

We know we said earlier that all you need is audio channels to use our Starter Kits. But what makes it possible for you to really master music production are instrument channels. But don’t worry about that now. Take the time to play with our Starter Kits as much as you want. Whenever you’re ready to move on, head here to learn more about instruments.

P.S. Did we mention all sounds in our Starter Kits are 100% free and royalty-free? (Now, there’s no excuse not to try them!) See what you can create with our Starter Kits and share your work with us! Try them now.

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