Meet Soundation’s New and Improved Sound Library

We love using your feedback to improve Soundation. So, when you guys asked for easier ways to find the perfect samples for your songs, we decided to revamp our Sound Library so you can spend less time clicking around and more time finishing your tracks. Sounds great, right?

Here’s how to land the best version of your song with our exciting new updates.

Speed Things Up With Starter Kits

Finding those perfectly matched loops is an on-going challenge for many new music producers. A lot of you guys asked us about tricks for quickly building a track and about sounds organized just to help beginners learn.

Here’s our solution: Starter Kits. We hand-picked 800 audio loops that are guaranteed to fit right into each other. Expect completely new sounds, as well as new and improved loops from our existing Sound Library that we tweaked to perfection. In other words, we do the match and you do the mix. Our Starter Kits are now available for EDM, dubstep, hip-hop, trap and drum ‘n’ bass.

How are these different from project templates we recently launched? Good question. While our templates are a great way to get a taste of music arrangement, our Starter Kits are for those who want to jump right into mixing and matching audio loops. You know that feeling of satisfaction when LEGO bricks fit together perfectly? That’s the kind of matching our Starter Kits are all about. Keep an eye out, as a more detailed how-to manual will be released soon.

Search and Filter Free Sounds

While we used to keep free sounds in folders, we learned that if you don’t know what to look for, it can take a lot of time to finding that perfect audio gem. Many of you have asked us to make free sounds searchable.

You asked for it, we’ve added it. Enjoy browsing for perfect sounds with a search toolbar and an integrated Sound Library that now lets you search for free sounds by genre, instrument, name, key and type (Audio/MIDI).

Get Easier Access to Your Favorite Samples 

We all have those favorite sounds— the riffs you keep going back to or the pool of maybes you cherry pick while building a new project.

You asked us: “Wouldn’t it be cool if you can favorite samples and keep them at the top of the list?”

We agreed that it would be, and we made it happen. Meet Favorites – a dedicated section for all the sounds you love to use. Just click the heart icon after any of the sounds you want to come back to, and they will be safely stored in a Favorites library. Favorited sounds are available for all of your projects. This means you can always reach them from the Sound Library and go back to them from any project you have in hand.

Have a change of heart? No problem. Unfavorite the loops by clicking the heart icon again, and they will be removed from your Favorites library.

Give Imported Sounds The Love They Deserve

Sometimes you just want to re-remix the same song or re-use your hard-earned samples, so we decided to shake the library up a bit.

We removed the Imported Sounds folder at the bottom of the library and replaced it with a new tab just for them. This way, they’re always in full sight and up for grabs when your creative juices are flowing. We also added a progress bar showing how much space you’ve got left on your storage—perfect for planning your next mega project.

Your feedback has made our Sound Library more user-friendly and easier than ever to use, so thank you! Keep telling us what you need. We’ll keep improving.

Try the new Sound Library now.

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