We partner up with Propellerhead to take online music production to the next level

We are so excited to finally be able to tell you about our new collaboration with the awesome people over at Propellerhead!

Our intention with this collab is to stretch the boundaries of online music production and your possibilities on Soundation.

To start, we will integrate Propellerhead’s iconic Europa wavetable synthesizer into our studio and become the first ever RackExtension host for the online world. Europa will be available on Soundation in the fall/winter of 2019. 

Read all about Europa here. Also, check out our learning page to learn to use a synthesizer with us now so you can get your hands on it as soon as it’s launched!

Europa will be available on subscription for $4 a month or $29 a year.

We’ll keep you posted!

/Soundation team

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