Diskopunk Remix Challenge Finalists – Top 8

The Diskopunk Remix Challenge is now closed. Thanks for lots of great remixes! We’ve listened to them all and managed to narrow it down to 8 finalists who has the chance of winning an official release with Sony Music. 

The final 8 (in random order):

Bouncy electronica with great textures and a pitched up vocal.

John Mode
Modern electronic disco in the spirit of Daft Punk.

Stop making sense
Shimmering and chill house with great new chords.

Drum n bass with pitched down vocals and evolving beats.

DJ Henky
Lovable cheesy 80’s pop meets the modern world.

Kristina Nilsson
Rhythm centered pop with lots of fun percussion and vocal chops.

A jungle track featuring flutes, hand percussion and animal noises.

Just Alfred
Synth funk with a retro vibe and pitched down vocals.

Congratulations and good luck! The winner will be announced on March 20. 

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