What Are Studio Templates, and How Do I Use Them? You’ve Asked, We’ve Answered!

Soundation just released some new studio templates in various genres: Dubstep, Drum N Bass, Electronica, EDM, and Hip Hop/Trap. These include MIDI clips, synth presets, effects, loops, and special sounds. All arranged, organized and mixed. Templates are great for inspiration and for learning music production.

Read on to find out how to use them, and why.

Use Them As Launch Pads

A blank page can be intimidating, with infinite options of what to do and an empty screen staring you in the face. Templates remove that first obstacle and give you a great starting point. This doesn’t mean you can’t produce original music. Remove and add sounds, change the tempo, change synths, change chords and change melodies to make it your own track. Even if you swap everything out, you won’t end up at the finish line if you never get started.

Figure Out How They Were Made

Templates are also a great learning tool, as you can dive deep into the projects and dissect how they were made. You can isolate specific instruments to hear the nuance and detail in them and find out what makes things sound certain ways. Study the instruments settings and applied effects. Understand composition by looking at the MIDI clips, chord progressions, and melodies. Uncover arrangement techniques to effectively build and release tension. It’s all there in the template.

Compare Genres

Having templates in multiple genres is a great opportunity to compare how they’re structured. What makes Dubstep different from Trap? You can probably tell them apart sonically, but explaining how they differ from a technical standpoint isn’t quite that easy. Having this understanding is very valuable when experimenting with genres and shaping your own sound.

Save Time and Focus On Being Creative

A huge chunk of music production is organizing, picking/designing sounds, and mixing. This is all time-consuming! With templates, these elements are already prepared,so you can quickly get a project cooking. As a beginner, it’s nice to focus your energy on the fun stuff. As you advance, however, you’ll steer away from these templates and develop your own way of doing things. To keep the efficiency, you could then create your own personalized template projects.

See For Yourself!

The best way to understand is to experience templates for yourself. So go and explore the new templates now! You’ll find them in the Soundation Studio. Upon opening the studio you will be greeted with a window featuring the templates. The templates can also be found in menu > file > new from template.

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