Big congrats to DLAY who is the official winner of the Nova Miller Remix Challenge in collaboration with BMG!

Some words from the jury:
“The main reason we fell in love with this remix was the high level of creativity. With the original version as a base, Dlay managed to take us on a new journey. His playful synths and tropical vibe with melancholic elements added a new perspective to the song that is more mysterious and romantic. Together with a strong production and wavy drop, this is a winner!”

CONGRATS DLAY! How does it feel?
Honestly it feels really nice, I was very excited when i found out that I had won. There were a lot of good entries and I’m glad that the jury decided to go with my version.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am from Sweden, I tend to split my time between producing music, working and exercising. Recently I’ve also started to focus on DJ’ing since i want to become more active in the club scene

When did you start producing music?
I started producing music about 2 and a half years ago whilst I was studying at university in the UK.  I spent most of my free time there making music but I could never really focus on it the way I wanted to, for that reason I decided to take a break from studying so I could dedicate more time towards producing music.

Tell us a bit about how you made the remix?
For each song it’s different but I always tend to start by playing around on my keyboard and choosing most of my sounds quite early on in the process to get the vibe of the track. For this Remix I did not have so much time to actually think because I  started the track quite late so i just tried to go with the flow and not overthink anything. I definitely wanted to keep all of the amazing vocals but at the same time add a different, more mysterious vibe to the track.
Last but not least we would like to thank everyone who participated in our premiere Remix Challenge! We are very impressed by all the talent out there and can’t wait to do this all over again.

/Soundation team

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