5 ways to know that your song is ready

Most creators have a lot of uncompleted songs on their hard-drives (we do too!). No wonder, since producing a song can take two hours or 20 years. Seriously, finishing a track can be tricky. So, how do you actually know when your song is ready?

You’ve got that second opinion
It’s your masterpiece, but feedback is so valuable when making music. Get a second opinion, or ten, from people whose taste you trust. You don’t have to implement it, but make sure to listen, reflect and learn.

The big picture is on fleek
Every second of the song is important, but in the end it’s the big picture that counts. Make sure you move forward and try avoid get stuck on (or obsessing over) minimal details. When you can’t add or take away anything to make the song better, it’s ready. 

You’ve considered collaborating
Bringing in other artists to work the song can be a great way to reach the next level. Experiment with incorporating a co-producer or letting a songwriter work on the melody. It’s an excellent way to reach that final phase.

Those darlings are killed
Dare to be bold. Be open to improvements, and always base decisions on what’s best for the song, not on how much time you’ve spent working on certain sections, or how much you love parts that might just not be working.

Face it you’ll never be 100 % satisfied
The fact is that you’re a creative soul and will always be too hard on yourself. If you’ve done your best and gone through the steps in this article, drop those evil thoughts and dare to release that song to the world!