How-to: Studio Shortcuts

Useful shortcuts and commands to get around Soundation Studio quickly!

Ctrl (cmd ⌘ for Mac) + C, V or X = Copy, Paste or Cut
Alt + Click and drag = Copy
Del or backspace = Delete (Universal for Channels, Clips, Notes).
Z = Undo
Shift + Z = Redo
Space bar = Play/Pause
A = Select all (In MIDI Clip editor)
L = Open Library
M = Master Channel
Keys 1, 2, 3, 4 = Cycle Editing Tools
Arrow Keys Left/Right = Octave Up/Down in Virtual Keyboard
Shift + Click = Select multiple audio/midi clips or midi notes
Ctrl + Drag (Slip Edit) = Move Clips or Notes without grid snapping
Arrow Keys in Note Clips = Move selected notes in steps Up/ Down/ Left/ Right
Shift + Arrow Keys = Move selected notes in Octaves Up/ Down or Left /Right in 1/4
Alt + Mouse Scroll = Scroll back and forth in arrangement
Alt + Click on Solo/Mute = Unmute or unsolo all muted or soloed channels