Hey You!

We don’t have a mobile application yet...

...but we have millions of users creating great music with our web studio!


What is Soundation Studio?

A web based sequencer and music production software, with loops, effects and virtual instruments. It includes everything you need to get started making your own music and share it with the world!

What are the benefits of a web application?

No installing software, dongles or update issues. You run it within a browser from any computer and have access to all your work when you log in. Plus you can use Soundation Studio directly without purchasing anything first!

Where do the sounds come from?

PowerFX. We have been producing samples for over 10 years. You have probably heard our sounds on productions from Timbaland, Jay-Z, BMW, CNN, SVT or on products like Apple's GarageBand, Logic or Cakewalk's Dimension Sampler, Propellerheads REASON Strings, Ableton Live, MOTU or in SanDisk´s Ring Tone Creator. We have recorded great players and used the services of some the universe's best producers and sound developers.

I forgot my password, can I change it?

Yes! You find the reset password page through the Login window or you can visit the password reset page.

Can I sell my songs commercially without asking Soundation for permission or sharing royalties?

Yes, anything you create in Soundation is your production, the only exception is you cannot transfer, upload, share, give or sell any of the isolated or individual sound files. They are licensed to you to use in your productions but not to give away, upload or sell as individual loops or samples. Here is our full licensing agreement.

What is a paid account?
A paid account is a subscription that will give you some extra goodies. You can check out the account types on our Pricing page.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

To cancel your paid account subscription you need to log in and go to My Account. Click on Manage Account and there you will find a link to Cancel Account Subscription. If it does not show up please contact our support.

I am a teacher, do you have any educational offerings?
Schools and educators have the option purchase what we call Soundation4Education. We offer this in a partnership with education company MusicFirst. Read more about Soundation4Education and contact MusicFirst with any further questions.

Why is my sound lagging, glitching or stuttering?

Depending on the power of your computer or the size of your song some lagging can occur during playback. The reason most often is that your song is using a lot of computer processing power. This can usually be remedied by increasing the Buffer Size under the the studio settings menu.

Can I publish my finished song to my blog or social networking website like Facebook?

Absolutely! After publishing your song to your Soundation profile you can then share to your social networks.

What is the Library?

The library contains all the loops that can dragged in to the studio arrangement. The Free Sounds folders are included for all Soundation users. If you buy anything from our Sound Shop all your products will go into the Bought Sounds folder which updates automatically. If you buy a paid account AudioLocker and a My Files folder will appear so you can store and import your own loops and sounds.

Can I import my own sounds into Soundation Studio?

Any of our paid account subscriptions includes audio storage which will give you access to import, save and store audio files in your studio My Files folder. You can use the Import Audio File feature or use the My Files folder to upload your sounds. You can only import MP3 or WAV files.