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Created February 5, 2018

Official Soundation VIP Clique.

Hey, it’s Unique Stereotype. This is just a group I created for all my friends, favorite users and producers to hang out in, do a monthly contest, and collaborate. This is invite only, so PM me if you really want to join.


None. Anarchy is best.

I hope this was a good idea, even though it has been a thing for a few years.

I don’t want a dead group, if you don’t post much, at least check it every so often. Thanks.

Give me ideas for contests and stuff for later please. Nothing too competitive.

Yeah just give me ideas for things to keep this fun.

basically a replacement for Unicycle’s Server [ discord ]

If you could fancy link this group in your bio to show that you are in it that would be great. plus bookmark this page on chrome. thanks.

We will be featuring tracks submitted by our members, so hopefully soundation will reinable posting tracks


9 days ago

You know, despite the most recent featured song actually deserving a feature, I saw barely anyone recommending it, so I'm kinda confused. Isn't it supposed to mainly be picked based on recommendations? I know that the Team's opinion also counts, but still : /

Unique Stereotype
10 days ago

i wish iawake fixed kicking users