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The Chilled Out Winter Holiday Competition

Created December 21, 2017

The competition is now over and here are the winners:

1st prize: 1 year Premium membership = Chordial – Winter Love


2nd prize: 1 year Power membership = jtpck – dusk


3d prize: 5 Sound Sets = Outzyder – An Eve To Remember


Interview with the winner, Chordial

How did you come up with this track?

My track started as just a few chords on my old keyboard, which I decided to put down as midi in Soundation, using my go-to instrument, the VA synth. From there I just let my creativity lead the production of my track.

How come you started doing music?

I started music when I joined the school band in sixth grade to play trombone. A year later, I started teaching myself to play the guitar, which I have been now doing for over 2 years, and has become a huge passion, along with music production. Almost 2 years ago, I was searching online for a way to make digital music. Soundation was one of the first search results, and the community was a huge attraction. I’ve been producing music and trying to find out all the ways I can use Soundation’s potential ever since.

What other artists are you influenced by?

I am influenced by artists in most genres, particularly folk music, rock, electronic, jazz/soul, and rap. Some of my biggest influences as of now are Fleet Foxes, Boards of Canada, Seven Lions, Deadmau5, Mutemath, Modest Mouse, Robert Glasper, and Kendrick Lamar. My friends on Soundation also create some pretty amazing music, and that has been one of my biggest influences on my productions

What does your work process look like?

If my work process was a state of matter, it would definitely be liquid. My tracks typically start with a short musical idea, like a set of chord shapes I make on my keyboard, a guitar motif, and occasionally just an urge to make something random in the studio. From there, I just keep putting down new ideas I get, with usually no solid idea of how I want it to turn out. This works really well for me, because I can add a new element of structure, new chord changes, or completely new ideas as I make a song.

Something more you want to share?

My second passion is working as a sound guy for the school theatre program. I just started this year, and it has opened up a lot opportunities for me, I might even pursue it as a job in the future. My suggestion to anybody who has a passion for music is to find alternate passions that could provide you a steady job while you possibly pursue a career in music. Thanks so much to IAwake and the crew for listening to my track and placing me, and to everyone’s support in this community



26 days ago

These songs are amazing!!! I hope to be as good as that one day. :)

3 months ago

Hello Gucci is ngofodsxc

6 months ago

This is ended!

8 months ago


8 months ago

can't wait for the 2018 Vaporwave contest.

8 months ago

I think I just found the edgiest Soundation user:

8 months ago

i'm not making anymore bots on soundation so if people still gonna complain after theres nothing i can do.

8 months ago

those ones are not me

E̢l͘em̵en̡tal ̛M҉u̴s̡ic
8 months ago

Sounds about right

8 months ago

Partially Oscar bots