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Team Soundation

Created March 7, 2012

Official group for the Soundation team. Here you can ask questions or tell us what you think about Soundation, discuss music production and share your feature requests. Please stay on topic.

Please do not post your songs or groups in here or ask to join.

Community Guidelines

If you enjoy someones song Recommend a Feature

Mixing Tips & Tricks

General Tips ‘N’ Trickz

We are releasing a new BETA Chrome Studio that is focused on bringing more stability into the Studio.

Most likely the biggest improvement in stability will be for users that have versatile projects spanning over many channels
with lots of effects etc. We would be very happy if you take it for a test drive and report back any problems or failures
that appear (any other observations are also welcome) to beta@soundation.com (no bug reports in the comments thanks)

Bonus points for replication steps of a problem.