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Team Soundation

Created March 7, 2012

Official group for the Soundation team. Here you can ask questions or tell us what you think about Soundation, discuss music production and share your feature requests. Please stay on topic.

Please do not post your songs or groups in here or ask to join.

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We are releasing a new BETA Chrome Studio that is focused on bringing more stability into the Studio.

Most likely the biggest improvement in stability will be for users that have versatile projects spanning over many channels
with lots of effects etc. We would be very happy if you take it for a test drive and report back any problems or failures
that appear (any other observations are also welcome) to beta@soundation.com (no bug reports in the comments thanks)

Bonus points for replication steps of a problem.



about 5 years ago

You can already do that. Select the wub machine the make your wub and then cluck the automate bar on that channel and automate LFO should apear.

about 5 years ago

automate the LFO speed?

about 5 years ago

@Anirath, Soundation already has a way to do that, you know.

about 5 years ago

I would love a wave editor. Like in FL Studio, but on here, It's hard to make fast wubs and the slow them down and then go back to fast wubs. Think about it.

about 5 years ago

@XJM: Great idea with the export, and I've toyed with it a little bit myself. The biggest problem is the sample/synth crossovers cannot match up. Samples would have to be in exactly the right place to be found correctly by the export software, or embedded in the export file (which would make it unnecessarily large). There's a lot of hoops to jump through, and frankly I don't think the end justifies the means.

about 5 years ago

@Greg, it all depends what you want out of your computer. Generally I'd say at least have a good sound card, plenty of RAM, and a good CPU (generally fast and can handle multiple processes). It's all up to you, in the end. This is regardless of OS and DAW and Soundation is no exception.

about 5 years ago

While we're on the topic, what are the pros and cons of PCs and Macs in terms of performance? Everyone's been telling me that I should be producing with a Mac, but I run FL on my PC and it seems pretty good.

about 5 years ago

Are there any plans for making it so when you recieve a message you get a instant notification to make it when your in the studio you don't give the person a very slow reply. Also are there plans to make a reply button for comments to make it a bit easier to see who is talking to who specifically for group discussions.

about 5 years ago

(adding on a idea also...) I was thinking about this yesterday, also. What if users could export a soundation song in the format of logic pro or something... Like Soundation could export a Logic Pro, Ableton, FL Studio, or Cubase project. Maybe in reverse too if none of those companies mind, I guess.

about 5 years ago

I do think that Soundation does have the potential to allow someone to make professional work. I've seen the studio get so much more powerful since I started over two years ago. And Soundation Studio is only a little over two years actually (pretty sure). I've been looking to get my hands on Logic Pro (along with an iMac specially made for music making) but that won't stop me from using Soundation along with Logic. It may not be the best DAW out there but it's definitely PowerFX's best product (at least imo ;) ).