Soundation Chrome Beta

Created November 5, 2014
Type: General
Beta group for Soundation Chrome!

This group is all about Soundation Chrome, the new version of the studio currently being developed and will replace Flash. It includes a lot of enhancements and new features. New synths, new effects, a new channel type and performance enhancements like CPU multithreading support.

This new version of the studio requires Google Chrome to run. Please use the latest version of Google Chrome since it has the essential technologies enabled by default. Check your version and update under “About Google Chrome”.

Help us improve this version by reporting any bugs you encounter! When reporting bugs try to include as much information as possible to help us recreate them!

Launch Soundation Chrome Info

This version is built with a HTML5 graphical interface. Our audio engine is running with the help of new Google technologies to allow for greater processing power and lower latencies. As with all software the performance you get also depend on your computer hardware.

Shortcuts for Chrome Studio

Changelog for Soundation Chrome

List of current bugs, missing features etc




2 hours ago

oh wow. I've been using the chrome studio and today I got a sng that was made in the flash studio, so i had to use the flash studio. Painfull. Thankyou for what your doing with the chrome studio.



19 hours ago

Hi, I want to join your group, please!



1 day ago

can I jone????



6 days ago

I'm enjoying the chrome studio a ton!!! Nice work soundation!!!!



9 days ago

hm...? I've seen comments against some guy(who's probably a idiot irl) who's username is @RIPSOUNDATION but never actually seen his original comment? Has he been deleting all his comments or something?


| | Chordial | |

9 days ago

lol you can't ask to join this one


erick o.

9 days ago

hello can i join ur group?



11 days ago

@kraykrayboy5073 you can, you have to have multiple channels running at once. click the plus thingy at the bottom to add another midi channel, and create another midi clip under the original one.



11 days ago

hello i am having trouble, why i cant i play 2 note clips at the same time is it cause i have the free version?