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Recommend a feature

Created January 15, 2013

2017-10-12 From now on we will feature one track each week. On top of the feature we will also present the artist behind the compositions in our social media.

Official group for feature recommendations. Do not recommend yourself or ask to join.

Use this group to recommend us (Team Soundation) someone that you believe is worthy of feature on the Community page.


over 3 years ago

Oh my gosh thanks so much for featuring my track!

Joakim PFX
over 3 years ago

@ダサい LIFT3D Please read the description and do not recommend yourself.

Joakim PFX
over 3 years ago

With up coming red days and new years we updated the feature tracks now before the holidays! So a little earlier this time as this is the last day we are all in the office together until after new years

kvshx ディラン
over 3 years ago

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3de World Reject
over 3 years ago

Just came across this, if u need to relax or calm down?.Or just want to listen to something good, here is the track for u. http://soundation.com/user/ParisDaway/track/memories?comment=1