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Little Things Remix

Created May 27, 2015

Winner announcement!

A word from the Sylver Logan Sharp:
THANK YOU for taking the Soundation #LittleThingsRemix Challenge and CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as a finalist.
This has been an amazing learning experience! I’m very happy with the outcome. After reading your comments, reviews and listening to your remixes, I thought I should communicate with you and give a little more insight to our process of how myself and the panel came to the selections.

All of the submissions ranged in sound, texture, groove, concept and “pocket”. The various creative ideas were all great and your versions sparked a different emotion and have something musical to offer. Some technical issues like “vocals being too low” was a general note across the board for 80% of all the mixes. As well as executing a “complete song”.
Everyone has a musical voice so there’s no wrong remix in this situation, just many many choices of really great versions of one cool song. There were aspects of most of the mixes that I really appreciated. The mechanical sounds, instrument choices, drop outs, breakdowns, driving grooves, all of it was really fantastic. Some more than others but all of them wonderfully done.
In my many years of experience in recording, performing writing, producing… there are certain aspects that make a song “radio friendly”, a club record or perfect for the stage/live performance, and that makes a hit record - and sometimes these aspects can be tricky.

For example, a sing-along chorus or “hook”. The part everybody knows and sings too. Or, the “story” that the verse tells that leads up to the hook. The climax of the track and the “money notes” that make you want to dance like no one’s watching. Those are some of the elements in my opinion that make music penetrate the soul.

In the jury’s top 10, BPmoozick was selected as the winner of the challenge.
This rendition’s musicality, chord choices, sounds, originality, funky moog-ish bass line and head bopp’n groove from beginning to end was the clincher!

Anthrazite, this perfect “mash-up” style is thumbing’! Club/dance hit and ideal for street Dance Crews all over the world. Comic Candy, Ozcii, and Xephyr inspired everything from live performance to visual video/gamer concepts. Soundtrack type of vibe. DJ Muscl3Bound created a commercially perfect mix for couture runway fashion shows and upscale exclusive lounge venues. ALL are seriously amazing and my personal favorites! A Busload of Kids, Prince Josiah, OVERDOZE and Migleex all extended recreations that would slay a dance floor and/or be perfect casting for a futuristic movie script! OUTSTANDING WORK! They ride the top of the list!

For all the information on prizes and the Jury for this contest, go to the Little Things Info page


11 months ago

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Dj Cool42
over 2 years ago

I am new

over 2 years ago

If you guys are looking for some fun this summer, Join the Electronica Madness contest. https://soundation.com/group/electronica-madness

over 2 years ago

I want a medley on Bollywood songs

Anton Smith
over 2 years ago

New Release "Anton Smith - Human"

Soundation Contest
Soundation Crew
almost 3 years ago

Hey everyone, we updated the group info now with a new letter we got from Sylver!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals
almost 3 years ago

Hey congrats guys!

Sylver Logan Sharp
almost 3 years ago

Hi Xephyr..Thank YOU for doing the #LittleThingsRemixChallenge! You made the list of our remix finalist. To honor your "fully balanced review" request, from the singer's mic...lol Your remix is truly innovative and peculiar. The vocals, lead and BV's are way too low, behind the track. It moves through several tempos, feels and grooves from funky techno to raggae Island-ish topped w/futuristic sounds. You created a "Little Things" only hook is cool as a vibe/concept but would be challenging to sing. This "hook" took out some of the passion of the emotion in the vocals. Cool overall.

almost 3 years ago

OMG! I just could see it now! thanx!

almost 3 years ago

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