Created August 22, 2021

Drifting Remix Comp! {Closed}

Welcome to the official remix challenge!
Try making a remix of the song Drifting by me (moon), xwolf, roix, eden pigeon, overdoze, chri5, xero and acaer!
This contest has ended unfortunately but, congrats to those who have won!

The contest started on 8 / 22 / 2021 and will end on 10 /11 / 2021!

After that, the challenge closed!

Alright, it took a while (I know) but we have the results for the winners! Once again, thank you for joining the group, and a special thanks to those who participated!

1st place: Of course, you all already know who it is, it’s R3P14C3D, with that insane remix, and use of acoustic piano! We will be sending you your prize money soon!

2nd place: Elysium, a bit repetitive, and not much variety compared to the original, but he added some things that only he could! which ended him up on the 2nd place spot in this contest! Your prize is on its way!

3rd place: Shabuki, the joint account between someone who worked on the actual track (Aephyr) and Shabuki. your prize is on its way!

Honorable Mentions:
We can’t forget some of the other epic tracks that were made for the competition, so here are the honorable mentions!
Ofts remix: That drum and bass spin was insane, not to mention very unique. It has gotten you to 4th place and only 1 vote away from the top 3!

4xharely: Your awesome, almost ambient style remix, got you on the honorable mentions list and at 5th place on the remix competition in total!

B4S5R3APER: This was an epic remix ngl, and I loved it, however, there was poor mixing and questionable stretching, but the 808’s and the leads got you to 6th place in this!

and last but definitely not least

Pam Suozzi: The uniqueness in writing lyrics and singing over the track was brilliant, and got you onto 7th place in this competition!

I want to thank you all again for participating, this was my first official remix comp on this website, and I hope to do more in the future! I’m sure I missed many more honorable mentions on this list but let’s congratulate the winners on this! Thank you all again – Moon, XWolf, Roix, Eden Pigeon, Overdoze, Chri5, Xero and Acaer

SNG is Here:


5 months ago

jeez I am not winning this but for the fun I guess

5 months ago

Guess I'll try since I'm bacc.

5 months ago

here you guys go, i spent a decent time on this hope i do well. Gave it a atmospheric trippy vibe and sped up the tempo

5 months ago

I'm just saving cash lol

5 months ago

how do i use the drive file it wont work..

5 months ago

i just posted mine in discord because i no have good soundation acc

5 months ago

i might make a second remix lol

5 months ago

if i win first place i will have enough money for fl studio

Noah Millar ♪
5 months ago

hmmmm, interesting. ima sleep on this one $$

5 months ago

but dont worry i will try and i wont forget elysium is there for me! :D :)