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Created November 14, 2013


We are Dobis which stands for the famous phrase “doing business”. We are here to ease you on to the simpler side of life, one product at a time. By doing so, we can in turn help local, small-time charities by donating 10% of our total funds to them. Our overall goal is to become the top ranking business in the world. And with each step closer to this goal, we learn more about society and each other. Once we reach our goal, Dobis will overthrow all governments of the world and create a super-government to rule the whole world. We will then force everyone on Earth to destroy all other companies’ products and buy all of our products. If there are humans unwilling to cooperate, we will launch them into space; supplying them with an oxygen tank that lasts exactly 24 hours. So join Dobis now, or be crushed in the end. We are Dobis and we are here to stay.