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Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013 Group Profile Picture
Created February 10, 2013

Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013

This group is for anyone registered in the Coursera course “Introduction to Digital Sound Design” from Jan-Feb, 2013. Participants will post one-minute compositions for listening and voting. Parameters and rules for the composition will be posted on the Coursera.org site on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013.


Pandora Avatar
over 9 years ago

Midi is not working for me. Error message. People seem to like animal sounds!

Pdefreitas Avatar
over 9 years ago

Just added my track, it's actually an original of mine, just completely MIDI-fied! "Halcyon Failure 1 - pdefreitas". Hope you like! If so, please shoot me a vote :)

The Glacial Drift . com Avatar
The Glacial Drift . com
over 9 years ago

Hey everybody!! Suggestion: start listening from the last track to vote...in that way, the new tracks can be listened too...because the first ones already have hundreds of listeners and votes while nobody gets to listen passed the first 20!!! ...and you are invited to listen to my track and my website theglacialdrift.com ...enjoy!!! Xavier Reyes-Ochoa - A Voyage to Saturn

peterpozsgai Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hi Everybody! Maybe a dummy question but does anybody know how to change the pitch of a wav sample? Time stretching and pitch fo fit work just fine but I can't change the pitch manually.

OoloO Avatar
over 9 years ago

Have fun everyone !

A man ^ Avatar
A man ^
over 9 years ago

just added my track :) Time Limits by A Man, hope you enjoy

crosse Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hi from Spain. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

JStep Avatar
over 9 years ago

Just posted my track, Jeric Ordonez - New Generation, check it out and vote if you like it. Really made use of all the great options there are for automation.

Gehagasc Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hello people! I'm already working on my project, I hope everybody would like it. Soon I'll publish it!

tiagoft Avatar
over 9 years ago

My track was inspired on the contrast of happiness and sadness. I hope everyone likes.