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Created September 2, 2017

Welcome to SoundWave!

Hey everybody, AylaMoon here! I’m new at making music and still learning the basics, so I created this group for those who feel the same. The objective of the group is to better understand Soundation functions and music. Everybody creates, posts, and comments on tracks so you can recommend sounds and ideas to improve music-making skills! If you like music, and want to share your expertise, that’s good enough to join! Thanks to everybody who joins!
Make sure you post your Work-in-Progress tracks too, they’re all welcome!

Quick Rules

1. No Negative Comments- there’s a difference between “Try doing this, it might help,” and “It’s terrible, change it completely.” Make sure you advise and comment kindly.
2. No Rude Words- make sure you check your language, I would like a friendly group page that everyone will enjoy. Only good vibes.
3. Comment All You Want- you can comment how many times you want for advisement or other reasons. As long as it’s nice, you’re good! :)
4. Penalty- if you fail to fallow rules 1-3, you will be removed from the group, along with your tracks, comments/advisements, and your dignity.
5. Tracks displayed in the side column is organized by the shuffle option, and featured tracks are organized by votes, how much I like them, for advertising reasons, or challenge rewards [three at a time].
Now that that’s over, have fun! =D

For When You Join

Here’s a little activity for when you join- post the favorite tracks you made and comment/advise on other’s work! Have fun and P.M me if you need anything!

Pixel Soundwaves

Battle of the bosses!! Make a classic gaming track for the boss level! This track must be classic game style and must be at least two minutes long. Thanks to Elemental Music for the idea! =D End time is the first of next month. Good luck!

Good job everyone! I loved all your tracks! But, it came down to these three: 1st- Quazy and Eden 2nd- BLACK 3rd- BEATCENTRAL !
Thank you all so much for joining and participating in this group, it means a lot to me. Make sure you send me three groups you want to be featured =).
Note: Sorry I haven’t been too active, I’ve a lot going on, and it’s been stressful.

Group Advertisments

Check out and join these awesome groups:

~A Place in Africa: https://soundation.com/group/aplaceinaffricaa

~The Sound Chamber: https://soundation.com/group/slendervortex111

~ Muse Academy: https://soundation.com/group/muse_academy

~ The Note Pad: https://soundation.com/group/tnp

Want a group featured?? 1. P.M me 2. It’s featured

Track Advertisements

If you want your track featured, P.M me to let me know. But, I will advertise the track on the main text with fancy decor and description, maybe even a Picture! So keep that in mind too!

Please P.M me!!!! No one does, but I want to write some down!!


Make sure you’re up-to-date in this group, so post tracks frequently!
For challenges, I do choose people who didn’t enter sometimes because I wan’t everyone to participate. Sorry if I worried anyone.


9/6/17-Shout-out to Golden Vortex for being the first to join SoundWave!
9/25-/17-Thanks to AJDRAGON for being super active!
10/1/17-Good job to Sylvex for winning the Best Track Competition with Post Parade Redone!
10/21/17- Spooky shout-out to QWAZY for winning the Halloween Competition with their track BOO!
10/25/17- Congrats to QWAZY for winning the Techno Challenge with the track Clockwork Stars!
12/1/17- We got 100 tracks!!!!!
12/20/17- Holiday congrats to Fluuffy Shark for winning the Holiday Challenge with the track, Jingle Bells Overdrive! Happy holidays everyone!
1/1/18- HAPPY NEW YEARS-2018!!!!!!
[Will add more once the time comes. ;) ]

Also, Make Sure you check out my other group, Post It


9 hours ago

thanks for the feature

4 days ago

New challenge!! =D

8 days ago

Battle of the Bosses- I like it!

Elemental Music
8 days ago

I think a good challenge idea would be like a "Boss fight" challenge where you try to make the best sounding boss music!

8 days ago

New features! [Not for challenges]

13 days ago

Ok guys: Stupid random challenge ended early. So no winners [sorry =,(] What do YOU want as a challenge?? Comment me your challenge ideas and I'll choose one.

18 days ago

Hey everyone! Just wanted to note I'm sorry for not uploading lately, it's been so busy! I've been working on my drawing styles, and working on a new music program I bought. Also my YouTube has been canceled and will open with a new series in April =(. I'll be posting on Saturday or Sunday. And to anyone who actually read this whole thing, thanks you're so awesome =D Also, what should I do for a new logo?? I want something simple and memorable, anyone got ideas? I don'tlol

Elemental Music
about 1 month ago

I have temporarily remade my group Muse Academy into the Soundation Ambassadors, in a bid to try to calm this chaos down! Please check it out and join if you want! I know I'm breaking the rules here, but this groupis perfect for those that want to do something nice for the community here! :D

about 1 month ago

Challenge ends early because of time. Sorry.