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Music Makerz

Created March 7, 2012
Welcome to Music Makerz

Yo its TheDevilstop, my music pseudonym is Big Roshi now. Thank you all for continuing your activity in my group :)

if you want to contact me please message me on my other accounts, I hardly check Soundation anymore.

Twitter: @Big_Roshi
Insta: dak_roshi

Also if any of you are interested in taking over on this account please message me, thank you! :)


3 months ago

ecoutez ma nouvelle chanson !!!! https://soundation.com/t/dmbp4

3 months ago

Guys please check out my track called Display of Talent

Brighto Music (Cleaned Up Most of my Account)
3 months ago

As the time until my EP shrinks, I thought you guys should check out my new FL Studio track. I don't have a name for it yet, but I am extremely proud of it https://soundation.com/user/Brighto-Music/track/more-fl-studio-stuff (I also recommend you guys check out my EP news on my account and leaving feedback)

Bruno Note (Only Publishing on Soundcloud)
3 months ago

Big energetic house tune with them vibes (brought some flutes and reed to house music :) https://soundcloud.com/anton-brunstroem/untitled-song-wip Give feedback and we'll all improve !

3 months ago

https://soundcloud.com/dcyphrofficial/real-conversation Relatable, deep track "Real Conversation" (Ft. Sean Divine) out now! This is a good improvement from my other music and my best track yet, hoping you all enjoy it. Please check it out, any feedback and support is highly appreciated