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Bass, House and garage!

Created April 7, 2013
Music Genre

Feel free to join up and post any bass influenced electronic music.

Permitted genres: Dubstep, Drumstep, DnB, glitch hop, Moombah, Trap, grime, bigroom/electro house, garage, bassline, complextro. (If I have missed any, let me know and i’ll add it on).

Any sub-genre – e.g Liquid DnB, trap-step, Robostep is fully allowed!

Rules: Criticism is allowed but please try not to offend.
Post only the genres permitted
No racism – We are ALL equal

If you think a track needs featuring let me know either by leaving a comment or PM me. Please don’t do both as spam is very annoying and a waste of mine and your time. Also DO NOT vote your own.

If you want to have a song placed into the spotlight, please PM me with it. i will make the decision based on how well it is produced, if it is well mixed, if i enjoyed listening to it as well as many other factors. I will spotlight up to 3 Tracks at a time, as well as featuring the 3 songs. (I will spotlight and feature if i feel the song deserves the attention).


Check this link for all the info you need! https://soundation.com/group/Soundation-Tutoring


almost 2 years ago

hey guys check out my new song here https://soundation.com/user/VORTEX/track/ancestry please like and enjoy!

almost 2 years ago

check out my new song https://soundation.com/user/VORTEX/track/bass-rider please comment and enjoy.

almost 2 years ago

check out my first song https://soundation.com/user/VORTEX/track/obey please comment and enjoy.

about 2 years ago

https://soundation.com/user/TOMAZ/track/tornado for Cyclosas electro house contest!!

Vibe Soundz
over 2 years ago

I have a goal to get at least 1,000 views on this video. Help me out! http://indi.com/78cc6 Thank you so much for the support!

Checkout my NEW ACC
over 2 years ago

ElectroWizard's new track: A Sense Of Courage ... Please have a listen! https://soundation.com/t/d61tc

over 2 years ago

Yeah! The new year comes with a new track! https://soundation.com/t/d60tm

Atomic Age
over 2 years ago

Happy New Year everyone! Celebrate by listening to my newest (and probably my most favorite) track https://soundation.com/user/Atomic_Age/track/atomic-age