The Egine "Moon of Dreams" Club Remix contest featuring T-Pain!

Welcome to the first Soundation remix contest with stems from recently released song "Moon of Dreams" by Egine featuring T-Pain.

How to enter

1. Click here to open up the "Moon of Dreams" song stems for the first 1:30 of the song.
2. Create your remix and publish it.
3. Post your remix to the Moon of Dreams remix group

Contest info

The contest is from April 10th 2013 to May 10th 2013. The top twenty voted remixes will be submitted to Growing Soul Records and they will select the winning remix. Extended Voting Time: We have extended the voting time until 2013-05-20 so the last stragglers will have a better chance.


The winner gets the full song stems and a contract for the official "Club Remix" of "Moon of Dreams" from Growing Soul Records and $500 from PowerFX. Four selected runner-ups get a year's Premium account and a Soundation T-Shirt.


1. Watch and listen to the official release of "Moon of Dreams" here
2. Only one remix submission per user for this contest.
3. Make your remix and publish it to the Moon of Dreams remix group. You can use any sounds from the free or premium libraries and of course your own created sounds. Do not include any other copyrighted material!
4. Do not use the Song Stems for any other production other than this remix contest.
5. A minimum of two Song Stems must be used for the Remix.
6. Deadline for contest submissions: May 10th 6:00 pm EST, 24:00 CET.