The first ever social remix contest with +Daria Musk!

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Remix Info

• #DariaRemix is the first ever social remix contest with Soundation and Google+ Hangouts
• Song to remix is 'Ghost' by Daria Musk
• The #DariaRemix contest runs from the 14th of October to 14th of November 2013.
• The winner will be selected by Daria Musk and Karen Cheng from the Top 10 most voted tracks in the #DariaRemix group.
• The winning remix will be announced on the 15th of November 2013.
• New users signing up to Soundation with a Google account will receive one month Intro account with audio recording and importing in the studio. After 30 days it will revert back to a free account.

Useful Tips

• Soundation has been built in a Hangout environment to add a social component to music making.
• Benefit from the power of social! Use #DariaRemix on Google+ to find friends to collaborate with or to promote your own remix.
• Are you out of inspiration, seeking feedback or want to demo your remix to your friends? Add your friends to the Google+ Hangout and start a remote collaboration!
• We have added an Instrument Channel with MIDI files and the basic chords to help you get started with the remixing! You can switch the instrument or play with the MIDI files to try other chords or create new melodies!

Learn the basics of Soundation with our introduction videos


The winning remix will win a Meet and Greet Hangout on Air with +Daria Musk to talk about how the remix was made.

Karen Cheng will make a video of herself dancing to the winning remix and post it to her YouTube.

The winning remix also gets a spanking new Chromebook Pixel. As we encourage collaboration the individual or group will also receive either a year of Premium or 10 products of their choice from the Soundation Sound Shop.

The Top 10 most voted remixes will receive 1 product of their choice from the Soundation Sound Shop.


1. Login with your G+ account on Soundation.com
2. You can only submit one remix as a group and one remix as an individual.
3. Make your remix and publish it to the #DariaRemix group, you can use any of the sounds from the Soundation libraries or your own created sounds. Do not include any other copyrighted material!
4. A minimum of 2 of the existing Song Stems must be used for the Remix.
5. Deadline for remix submissions: November 10th 2013 6:00 pm EST, 24:00 CET.
6. Do not use the Song Stems for any other production other than the #DariaRemix.

Visit the #DariaRemix group to listen to and vote on the remixes!